Friday, February 18, 2011

Military belongs on campus

Military belongs on campus


Sincere Endeavour said...

Conflict and War is Horrific. Who would not agree? I have, however, experienced a blessed and protected (for the most part) British Columbian life, due to circumstances into which I was born in Coastal Canada. I cannot take these blessings for granted, and laud the education of everyone, especially those who may be asked - or who choose - to serve in the Military. Far be it from me to say that recruitment conducted as described, in such a setting, would be inferior to scavenging pubs, bars, and crack houses in outdated "press gang" tactics to find some willing to undergo training, discipline, service and, often, sacrifice. Even if/when we have the Big Quake here in Vancouver, "Who 'ya gonna call?!" Think about it. Who would you rather have show up at what is left of your home to "rescue" you?

Robert Mackay said...

Interesting comment, and it brings to mind the issue of the education of our military today. In general, highly educated and professional.

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