Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Salute to Tim

A couple of weeks ago I was pleased to get a call from a gentleman named Tim. He had seen "Soldier of the Horse" in the bookrack on a BC Ferry, and wanted to obtain a signed copy. Only too happy to oblige, I arranged to meet him. I was particularly intrigued because Tim told me he had been studying Canadian war horses for some years, and in fact was showing a horse at the Cloverdale Rodeo.
Tim has not only been researching Canadian war horses, and owns a number of cavalry manuals; he has a genuine Canadian cavalry saddle and 1908 Pattern cavalry sword, both with the "C" surrounding a broad arrowhead stamped on them. The broad arrowhead was still a brand used by British forces during my days on loan to the Royal Navy in the 60's, and the surrounding "C" was used in WW I to proudly denote "Canadian" back when our country was more closely tied to Britain.
For lots more about saddles and swords, see "Soldier of the Horse"; and for more about Tim, watch this space!

Saturday, May 21, 2011

"Soldier of the Horse" at Vancouver Public Library

As noted previously, my fellow writer Ben and I presented ourselves to the Vancouver Public Library on May 16th. I was only recently back from the Canadian Authors Association AGM and conference/workshop in Ontario, so was still slightly jetlagged. Not wanting to be caught short, I took along a small wheelbarrow-load of copies of "Soldier of the Horse". Ben was grumbling because he only had ten books on hand.
We needn't have worried. As the appointed hour approached, our angel at the library--Sheila--draped tables and filled up water glasses. Someone stuck their head in and asked if this was the place for the mental health journalist's discussion. No, we said, he is next door. And, indeed, the topic of mental health and prescriptions was very popular--the speaker had to be assigned a larger room.
On the stroke of seven people started to arrive; not a full house, but quite enough to allow Ben and me to get fired up, read alternately, and answer questions about historical fiction afterward. Thanks to Margaret and Dennis for being there, and to Rosemary and Joe for making my evening. And special thanks to Sheila from the VPL for her help and support.

Saturday, May 14, 2011

"Soldier of the Horse" at Vancouver Public Library

On Monday, May 16th at 7 pm, I will be reading from "Soldier of the Horse" at the Alma VanDusen room, on the lower level. My friend and fellow CAA Vancouver executive member, Ben Nuttall-Smith, will also be reading from his recently published historical novel, "Blood, Feathers & Holy Men".

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

CAA's CanWrite! 2011 Off to a Flying Start

Sandra Stewart, who, you will be able to tell from her expression was very happy to have this photo taken, is co-chair of this year's CAA conference and seminar. Matt Bin, who is to the right in the photo, worked with Sandra to pull together excellent workshop leaders and a Lightning Strikes! session this coming Saturday. The first morning's workshop, by Sandi Plewis, was on the topic of dealing with writer's block and perfectionism. Shoot, I thought perfectionism was good and I needed more of it--but I guess not in the first draft!
We have congregated in Grand Bend, Ontario, but the weather outside has a suspiciously Wet Coast feel to it.