Monday, July 4, 2011

World War I Horses of Interest

My friend Spider loaned his copy of "Soldier of the Horse" to his step-father. Spider commented as follows:

"This one's from my step-father who will be 101 years old in
September. I just talked to him on the phone this morning and almost
the first words out of his mouth were "I finished the book you lent
me." He tells me that he really enjoyed it and when I commented that
it's an entertaining read he replied "yes, it is entertaining but it's
more than that - it's very informative." He was quite interested in
the role of horses in WWI. This, of course, led to a long discussion
on horses in the war."

As far as I know, that makes him my oldest reader. Let's hope we can all read, and learn, at 101!

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Sincere Endeavour said...

"Let's hope we can all read, and learn, at 101!"
Well said, BOB! Congratulations.

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