Friday, December 16, 2011

"War Horse" Gallops On

There is a very interesting article in the National Post today, December 16th. The Theatre page discusses Michael Morpurgo, author of "War Horse", the Young Adult novel that has become a smash hit in London and Broadway. The play is also scheduled to open in Toronto next year, and even sooner will come the movie of the same name that debuts Christmas Day, 2011. (Which I predict will also be a huge success.)
Morpurgo, in the article, discusses his inspiration for the story: a boy who could communicate with a horse, but not people; and a veteran who was able to discuss his Great War experiences only with a horse.
"War Horse" had twenty-five years of relative obscurity before it became of interest to the National Theatre. As Michael Morpurgo might say, the rest is history.

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