Friday, January 20, 2012

Canadian Cavalry Brigade--gone but not forgotten

I am amazed at the connections that pop up as a result of modern communications.
Long-time readers of my blog may remember my series of posts entitled "Moreuil Wood Saga", the last of which was on March 30th, 2011 (they are archived). In the post of that date I included a photo of a piper and a bugler, in WW I Bitish highland costume. The two men were a poignant part of the ceremony put on by Jean-Paul Brunel of Moreuil.
A short time ago I was contacted by M. Yves Holbecq, who it turns out was the piper. Yves, whose website is at, continues to take part in ceremonies in France as part of the Somme Battlefield Pipe Band.
I was happy to send Yves a copy of "Soldier of the Horse", which he tells me he is enjoying. His English is obviously a lot better than my French. But in any language, the interest in all things related to the Great War continues to grow.

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