Sunday, June 17, 2012

Explosion 1812

Tonight, History TV features "Explosion 1812", a documentary that I expect will be very well done. When reading an article about the program, I noted in particular that the producers used an archaeological approach to confirm their research. That reminded me of "Man & Horse", another documentary in which "trench detectives" found and displayed evidence of the 1918 Battle of Moreuil Wood in Picardy, France.
Sure enough, further reading in the article revealed "Explosion 1812" is a presentation by Yap Productions, who also made "Man & Horse". I anticipate a great show, and feel privileged to have been a very small contributor to "Man & Horse". The Battle of Moreuil Wood was a pivotal scene in my book "Soldier of the Horse".
Break a leg!


Lamont said...

Won't be able to catch the program so hope you will post a comment after seeing it.

Robert Mackay said...

I found "Explosion 1812" very interesting. Not being an Ontario resident, I am not familiar with the local historical military sites, so that in itself was useful. Even more significant in my opinion were the insights into conditions in 1812, including the predilection of large segments of the populous to favour the American side. That changed, apparently, after the US forces ran amok following their significant casualties resulting from the York explosion.

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