Tuesday, July 3, 2012

From Saddles and Spurs to Periscopes and North-Seekers**

Since I started writing this blog in 2010, I have written 109 posts. The vast majority of those have been related one way or another to writing and the publication of my first historical novel, "Soldier of the Horse". In the course of researching for and promoting "Soldier", I have enjoyed meeting and receiving contributions from many fascinating people.
While I will continue to write about the Canadian Cavalry Brigade, its regiments, and its present-day descendants, I am also going to explore what is new territory for my blog. Some readers will know I spent time in the mysterious, occasionally dangerous, and always exciting world of submarines.
My next novel will be set in a Cold War-era submarine. Research and racking of memory banks will be ongoing as I work on this project, and my blog will reflect some of that. So, down periscope, full ahead!
** North-Seekers: The Royal Navy issued boots to their submariners. The boots sported a broad arrowhead on the toe; hence north-seekers in submarine slang.

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