Thursday, August 30, 2012

"Galloper Jack" is back

Thanks to my friend Sidney Allinson (blogging at ) who sent me a clipping from the Times of London dated April 14, 2012. It describes how Brough Scott’s “Galloper Jack” has been reprinted in soft cover format. “Jack” was of course Brigadier J.E.B. Seely, commander of the Canadian Cavalry Brigade at Moreuil Wood.
Seely’s horse Warrior is featured on the cover of the new edition, as he should be. Warrior, and Seely, were rock-steady under fire, notably at the pivotal Battle of Moreuil Wood where the Brigade distinguished itself.
The photo is of Seely, probably on a scouting foray with officers and troopers; courtesy of Archives Canada. The background in the photo is typical of Picardy and reminds me very much of the area around Moreuil Wood, the setting for my historical novel "Soldier of the Horse".

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