Tuesday, May 14, 2013

The Fort Garry Horse Museum

 The Museum of the Fort Garry Horse is a historical gem in Winnipeg, located in the third floor of the McGregor Armoury at 551 Machray Avenue. One of the dedicated people most responsible for the exhibits is Chief Warrant Officer Gordon Crossley (photo left), who also wears the hat of Area Reserve Sergeant Major, Land Force Western Area. Gordon was good enough to show me and a friend, artist John Smeulders, around recently.
The visit was particularly poignant for John, who was a boy in Holland when the Fort Garry Horse liberated the area. John was able to identify with many of the objects displayed that were momentos of the Garry's time in Holland.
In the photo at right, CWO Crossley is explaining a finer point of the FGH time in France in the Great War, including action at the Battle of Moreuil Wood along with the rest of the Canadian Cavalry Brigade under Brigadier John Seely.
Gordon Crossley is a co-author with Michael McNorgan of "Facta Non Verba", A History of the Fort Garry Horse. The History is a gorgeous and useful book. It is available through the FGH Museum and McNally Robinson.
A future item will deal with "Facta Non Verba" in more detail. In the meantime, kudos to the FGH museum and its personnel.

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