Monday, June 24, 2013

Strange Sights in Port Burwell

Can you honestly say you would know what this photo depicts, with no other information? If so, you are either a) a submariner, past or present; b) a very imaginative person; or c) you have visited Port Burwell, Ontario, and spotted HMCS Ojibwa. Ojibwa, who has emerged from the depths one last time to inch her way up Highway 472, to become the second Oberon-class Canadian submarine to be so preserved.
The big day for the Ojibwa is July 6th, when she officially opens to the public. If you are there, you will join with many former submariners and retired Admiral Dan McNeil as the Ojibwa is launched on the next phase of her service. See

 Here is another view of the Ojibwa, showing an access door that was never there when she was in active service. It has been cut into the after ends to allow visitors to exit--stairs yet to be added!


carl hunter said...

The profile is recognized by this "pongo" but there's concern here that the exiting passengers must be suffering. Probably discourages return visits.


Robert Mackay said...

Luckily, Carl, plans were in place for a concrete pad and stairs at the time of taking the photo.

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