Saturday, July 13, 2013

"Soldier of the Horse" Gallops On

I am very excited that "Soldier of the Horse", my prize-winning (see the gold Independent Publisher medal in the photo) has reached an exciting milestone. It will soon be available on "Audible", Amazon's audiobook publishing arm.

The sale to Audible was made through the good offices of my publisher, TouchWood Editions. In other news, TouchWood has now committed to publishing my next historical novel. The action in "Sailor Down" (working title) takes place in a Cold War submarine.

For a personalized, signed copy of "Soldier of the Horse," email me at


Darlene said...

Happy to hear that people can now listen to your wonderful book as well. Toward the end of my father's life, he could no longer see well enough to read. He enjoyed listening to audio books. Congratulations on the medal as well!

Robert Mackay said...

Thanks for that, Darlene. I also know people who listen to audio books during long drives. Just the thing for snowbirds, I think.

Lamont said...

Can't wait to hear the voice! Congrats, Robert.

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