Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Confession Time

It’s confession time. To my horror, I note the last blog I posted, prior to this one, was dated August 2nd 2013. The dog days of July and August caught up with me, at least as far as keeping up the blog is concerned.
My only defence is that the days have been very busy. My next book, working title “Sailor Down”, is due on the editor’s desk by September 1st, meaning it's panic stations to get the story put to bed. The next deadline will be November 1st, with an edited manuscript in to the publisher.
“Soldier of the Horse”, my first book, has also been receiving some attention. The audio book rights have been bought by Amazon, and production is under way with a professional narrator on the job.
In the meantime, potential topics for future items are piling up. Personal stories from submariners, the loss of an Indian navy Kilo class boat, World War I centennial observations...
Great things to come. Thanks for hanging in.

"Soldier of the Horse" is available as an ebook or hard copy from Amazon here

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