Tuesday, October 22, 2013

HMCS "Grilse", Canadian Cold Warrior

At the same time that the Royal Navy Submarines Alderney and Astute were deploying under the control of the Canadian navy in the Atlantic during the Cuban Missile Crisis, an actual Canadian boat was part of Canada's Pacific force.
Photo from Wikipedia
HMCS Grilse (SS-71) was commissioned into the Royal Canadian Navy in 1961. Grilse was on loan from the United States, whose navy she had served with great distinction in the Second World War. In her five years of service with the RCN the boat played a major training role for antisubmarine forces and helped train a generation of Canadian submariners.


Pat and Marcus said...

She started off as the USS Burfish (SS-312), a Balao class submarine launched in June 1943.

After eight years of service in the Canadian Navy, she was returned to the US and sunk as a target.

Robert Mackay said...

Quite right. I will post more about the Burrfish, as she then was, in the near future.
Thanks for the comment.

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