Thursday, November 28, 2013

"Soldier of the Horse"--The Saga Continues

I recently checked to see what the latest was re their marketing of Soldier of the Horse. Interestingly, they list the paperback at $13.68, with the Kindle edition at $9.99. (Other e-readers can access through the publisher, TouchWood Editions.) The original list price is $19.95.

The Audiobook version is now on the market, also at $19.95. Here's what Audiobook says about it:
"Narrator Paul Christy's mature voice provides a calm and steady pace to this story set in early 20th-century Canada. Law student Tom Macrae has been falsely accused of a crime, and given a choice between going to jail or off to the trenches of the Great War, Tom reluctantly chooses to fight. Just before he is shipped out to England, he meets the love of his life, only to be torn away from her. Christy's performance is moving and realistic, and he portrays the gamut of Tom's emotions - from hopeful joy to horror and bleak resignation - with sensitivity."

I would add to that--yes, but it's not ultimately a downer, at least in my mind.


Lamont said...

I'll put the audio version on my Christmas wish list. Can't wait to hear how it is presented, the tone of voice. The heck with Tom leaving the love of his life behind, I want to hear the audio version of the cavalry charge. I can't imagine it as anything but spectacular, Robert, because it is so well written.

Robert Mackay said...

It is fun to hear the story read by another person. I think he did a bang-up job.

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