Monday, December 30, 2013

The Attack on Rifle Wood (Part 1)

Moreuil Wood from the Bois de Senecat
The Canadian Cavalry Brigade was not yet in for a rest. After the brutal battle at Moreuil Wood, the Brigade bivouaced at Bois de Senecat, on the hillside west of Moreuil across the Avre River. 
The next day, March 31st, 1918, they stood to, returning to their bivouac at 2100, with reveille at 0300 on April 1st. In the saddle at 0400, they once again crossed the Avre on the bridge at Castel. 
 Sam Williams, author of “Stand to Your Horses”, took part in the battle at Rifle Wood. He later read with some amusement a newspaper’s article about the battle, submitted by a war correspondent who gave an “eye-witness” report as follows:
“We swept up the slope with our sabres flashing in the sunlight, swept through the wood and on beyond to take a battery of guns.”
Williams later commented ruefully that he wished such had been the case, given the heavy casualties inflicted on the brigade by the enemy batteries, still very much in evidence.

Next entry: Sam Williams’ part in the attack on Rifle Wood.
(The preceding Battle of Moreuil Wood is dealt with in my historical novel, "Soldier of the Horse".)

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