Monday, January 27, 2014

Upcoming 96th anniversary--Moreuil Wood

Below is a blog post that many enjoyed when first posted some months ago. The occasion for the repeat is the upcoming observance in the modern "Black Hat" (ie armoured) community of the Battle of Moreuil Wood. The 96th anniversary of that seminal event is March 30th this year. 

"It has been some time since I posted a blog that relates to the Canadian Cavalry Brigade, so I am indebted to a correspondent who lives on the Isle of Wight for this item.

Readers of "Galloper Jack" will know that Brigadier-General J. E. B. Seely commanded the CCB for most of the Great War, succeeded in April 1918 by Colonel R. W. Paterson of the Fort Garry Horse. In the photo at left, Seely is in the left foreground, a slim, upright man.

For a brief film clip of Galloper Jack recorded in 1933, click here. After the Canadian cavalry, Seely valued his neighbours and fellow lifeboatmen of the Isle of Wight. In the clip, Lord Mottistone, as he had become, is the tall figure in the white hat. At the centre of the action, as always.

Galloper Jack is a big part of my prizewinning novel, "Soldier of the Horse".  Check it out on Amazon here."


R. Vulliamy said...

Loved the video. Good quality for its time. Is there anything comparable featuring the CCB?

Robert Mackay said...

There are snippets here and there. Hard to find but I'll see if I can locate some.

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