Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Submarine Week in Victoria (3)

Here are a couple more photos taken last week.

This one shows, on the left, George Cruickshank, owner of The Museum of the Battle of the Atlantic in Duncan, BC. I seem to have bestowed a halo on George, well-deserved I am sure.
With him is Captain Wilf Lund, RCN (Ret'd), who presented along with Philip Sherwood about Philip's new book.

On the right is Phillip Sherwood. Philip is a publisher of memoirs and family histories, and this time he turned his talents to "It's Not the Ships...My War Years." The book tells the story of his father, Frederick H. Sherwood, a Canadian submarine captain in World War II. I will comment more about the book in a future blog or newsletter.

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Lamont said...

Wilf looks good. Last time I saw him was in Scotland when we Canadian travelers were so happy to join up with you all.

Robert Mackay said...

Wilf is doing just fine, considering how long ago it was that we were doing workups after Okanagan's first commissioning.

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