Saturday, December 27, 2014

USS Ranger--Proud Ship Scrapped For a Penny

 The year I believe was 1964, and Her Majesty's Canadian Ship Ottawa (2300 tons) was fuelling off USS Ranger (66,000 tons). Ranger's career was from 1957 to 1993, and Ottawa's an almost identical 1956-1992.
The Ranger is now on her way to the scrap-heap, after attempts to turn her into a museum piece failed. She was one of four Forrestal-class supercarriers, and saw service in Vietnam, the Middle East, and elsewhere. As you can see from the "60" yard marker, Ottawa is getting squeaky close to the larger ship (the other end of the line is attached to Ranger).
We never knew how much we were tossed about in even these moderate seas until we were close to a rock-solid behemoth such as Ranger.

In this snapshot, also taken on Ottawa's bridge, as very junior sublieutenant I have as a backdrop Ranger pulling away, flanked by two  destroyers.


Pat and Marcus said...

I'm often amazed by how items of such vast expense to their makers are so unceremoniously junked in later years.

Not that they can all be kept, but for very items of very high value, they certainly have a massive depreciation in the end.

Robert Mackay said...

It is amazing. One would think the value of metal in the ship would make her far more valuable than the cost of breaking her up.
And so they go, but not with a bang. Which I suppose is just as well.

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