Thursday, January 22, 2015

A Trooper of Canadian Cavalry 100 Years Ago

One hundred years ago in January 1915, the Canadian Mounted Brigade was training in the mud and slime of Salisbury Plain, preparing for a chance to charge German infantry.

They didn't get that chance for some time, as years of duty in trenches awaited them first.

This photo is of my dad, Tom Mackay, MM. It was probably taken on the training ground of Fort Osborne Barracks in Winnipeg, before embarking for the UK.

Note the sword, primary weapon of the cavalry of the day. The horse stands proudly, mane and tail clipped, ears up, alert. No doubt the result of many hours of grooming, stable duty, and army discipline for trooper and charger.

More about the Canadian cavalry, and Tom, in my novel Soldier of the Horse.


Lamont said...

Dad marched in the Legion Remembrance Day parades in Cloverdale all those years later, just as straight backed as he is in the saddle.
Thanks, Robert.

Robert Mackay said...

"All those years later" is right. And now even the kids, as Tom Mackay would have thought of them--the vets of WW II--are fewer and fewer on the ground.

Jean Kay said...

Great historic photo.

Robert Mackay said...

Historic, is right. But it's amazing how as one ages "history" doesn't seem as long ago as it once did.

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