Saturday, May 21, 2011

"Soldier of the Horse" at Vancouver Public Library

As noted previously, my fellow writer Ben and I presented ourselves to the Vancouver Public Library on May 16th. I was only recently back from the Canadian Authors Association AGM and conference/workshop in Ontario, so was still slightly jetlagged. Not wanting to be caught short, I took along a small wheelbarrow-load of copies of "Soldier of the Horse". Ben was grumbling because he only had ten books on hand.
We needn't have worried. As the appointed hour approached, our angel at the library--Sheila--draped tables and filled up water glasses. Someone stuck their head in and asked if this was the place for the mental health journalist's discussion. No, we said, he is next door. And, indeed, the topic of mental health and prescriptions was very popular--the speaker had to be assigned a larger room.
On the stroke of seven people started to arrive; not a full house, but quite enough to allow Ben and me to get fired up, read alternately, and answer questions about historical fiction afterward. Thanks to Margaret and Dennis for being there, and to Rosemary and Joe for making my evening. And special thanks to Sheila from the VPL for her help and support.

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