Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Salute to Tim

A couple of weeks ago I was pleased to get a call from a gentleman named Tim. He had seen "Soldier of the Horse" in the bookrack on a BC Ferry, and wanted to obtain a signed copy. Only too happy to oblige, I arranged to meet him. I was particularly intrigued because Tim told me he had been studying Canadian war horses for some years, and in fact was showing a horse at the Cloverdale Rodeo.
Tim has not only been researching Canadian war horses, and owns a number of cavalry manuals; he has a genuine Canadian cavalry saddle and 1908 Pattern cavalry sword, both with the "C" surrounding a broad arrowhead stamped on them. The broad arrowhead was still a brand used by British forces during my days on loan to the Royal Navy in the 60's, and the surrounding "C" was used in WW I to proudly denote "Canadian" back when our country was more closely tied to Britain.
For lots more about saddles and swords, see "Soldier of the Horse"; and for more about Tim, watch this space!

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