Monday, June 6, 2011

Storming Juno

June 6th, 2011. Sixty-seven years after Canadian, British and American forces landed on Normandy. I did not see a single reference to this astounding and historic event in the two newspapers I reviewed today, one being a major daily and the other a "national" paper.
Last night, through sheer serendipity, I found myself watching a DVD I had picked up at the local store a few days ago. "Storming Juno" concentrates on the stories of members of the Regina Rifles, the 1st Canadian Parachute Battalion, and troopers of the 1st Hussars in their theoretically floating tanks. If you think of a Canadian "Band of Brothers", you'd not be far off the mark.
Included with the dramatized footage, much of which was filmed on the duned shores of Lake Huron, is vintage film showing ships, aircraft, and the actual landing. There is an interactive website,, that enables the veiwer to listen to the personal stories of a few of the men who were there.
I highly commend this video and website to all who are interested in Canada's story.

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