Sunday, March 18, 2012

Galloping On Over the Prairie to Audreys Books

After a long day travelling to Banff, it was pleasant to wander the streets of Western Canada's oldest and perhaps best-known tourist attraction. There was hardly an hour went by without at least a sprinkling of snow, with the mercury hovering around zero.
A small but keen group of people gathered in the Banff library to hear me speak about the writing of "Soldier of the Horse", and to share a few images of troopers, war horses, and survivors. We were hosted by Denise Drury, who can be seen at the back left of this photo of a few of the people who stayed to discuss the history of the Great War.

Shortly after this photo was taken, it was out onto the Bow Valley Parkway, east then north for four hours to Drayton Valley and the home of John Willoughby and his welcoming family. John's great uncle J J Willoughby's heartbreaking story is recounted earlier in these pages. The Willoughbys are great hosts, but next noon found the Grand Book Tour headed north and east on the Yellowhead Highway to Edmonton. I am looking forward to an appearance at Audreys Books on the 20th at 7:30 pm.


Anonymous said...

RW--If you're headed for PG via the northern route through Ft. St. John you could overnight in Fort with C. and D. if you don't have other commitments. (I checked 1st and they'd love to see you. ) Give me a call and I'll set it up . RWS

Lamont said...

Hang on. Your gallop may become a trot...lots of snow predicted on the weathermap. Have fun in Edmonton.

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