Thursday, March 29, 2012

Moreuil Wood--Three Generations

During my recent visit to Lord Strathcona's Horse in Edmonton, I got to know Ed Tetley. Ed is a young man who has had a lifelong interest in the Strathcona's and Moreuil Wood.
Ed is pictured here, with Captain Charles Prince of the Straths. In 2011 Ed took his family and his father, Stan, to Moreuil where they met Jean-Paul Brunel who showed them around the Bois du Moreuil.

On my way out of Edmonton I stopped at Banff to meet Stan Tetley

Stan's father, Rex, was at the Battle of Moreuil with the Strathcona's, badly wounded on April 4th, 1918, and went on to a successful business career back home in Alberta.

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Lamont said...

Good to hear about the Strathconas that made it home.

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