Tuesday, November 6, 2012

HMCS Ojibwa's last cruise

HMCS Ojibwa, the first of Canada’s Oberon-class submarines, is nearing her final resting place after hitching a ride from Halifax to Lake Erie on board a barge.
courtesy readyayeready.com
An ultra-modern diesel-electric submarine in her day, she was launched in February 1954. Originally the hull was destined to be HMS Onyx, but was transferred to the RCN, completed in HM Dockyard Chatham, England, and commissioned on September 23rd, 1965. Following workups, she spent her career with Maritime Command Atlantic out of Halifax, but for  a brief sojourn in Esquimalt.
Ojibwa was paid off in May, 1998, after nearly thirty-three years of service.
In the next few days the boat will claim her last berth in Port Burwell, Ontario. She is scheduled to arrive on November 14th via  a specially-adapted barge and tug, and will be lifted into place as part of the Elgin Military Museum. For further details, see their website at www.elginmilitarymuseum.ca.


Lamont said...

It's going to be spectacular to see the Ojibwa roll up the gravel road to her resting place in Port Burwell. Anyone watching along the Welland Canal as she glides through will be mighty surprised. Not your typical houseboat!

Robert Mackay said...

Let's hope all goes according to schedule. That east coast weather has proved to be pretty obstreperous recently.
Wish I could be there.

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