Friday, March 21, 2014

Moreuil Day 2014

 By rights, Moreuil Day should always be celebrated in Moreuil, France, on March 30th. There are practicalities in life, though, so the next best thing is, for some, a luncheon on March 20th at the North Sidney Yacht Club.
The gathering this year included more than thirty veterans of Lord Strathcona's Horse (Royal Canadians), Royal Canadian Dragoons, and Fort Garry Horse--as well as one ex-submariner.
Pictured here are seven of the attendees on their way to Sidney from Tsawwassen, on board a BC Ferry.

And if they had looked forward, instead of toward the camera, here's what they would have seen, looking toward Active Pass.
A beautiful day, and a significant occasion. Thanks to the organizers and armoured corps vets for a great day.


Lamont said...

Does Jean Paul Brunel conduct a ceremony in his field every year? I love the photo of you and Pat as the Canadian contingent the year you were there.

Robert Mackay said...

I expect so, and he also last year visited the Strathcona's, the Fort Garrys, and the Dragoons. A busy man.

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