Thursday, March 13, 2014

HMCS Okanagan lives on--remnants and memories

This happy gentleman is George Cruickshank, proprietor and head tour guide at the Museum of the Battle of the Atlantic, located in Duncan, BC.
I recently made a thrilling visit to George's museum. He has hundreds of artifacts from Allied and German submarines and ships, uniforms, etc.
One room is partitioned off, and accessible only through a Fleet Boat-sized doorway.

Inside it are George's most valued Canadian submarine pieces, including this gorgeous clinometer salvaged from HMCS Okanagan, the last-built Canadian Oberon-class boat. She lives on in the memories of her crew, and is brought to life by George's enthusiasm.

Check out the museum here: 


Lamont said...

What's a clinometer?

Robert Mackay said...

Probably the correct word is inclinometer. It is like a carpenter's level, but with a curve. When the boat is in a horizontal position the bubble in the liquid will be in the middle. If the bow is "down", the bubble will move off centre etc. So it gives an instant indication to the watchkeepers as they maintain the ordered depth. It is simple, non electric or electronic, and short of a major catastrophe would not break down. Perfect. As Buster Brown would say, "Mind yer bubble."

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