Wednesday, April 16, 2014

A-boats Were Early Cold War Workhorses

Here is a photo of HMS Alderney, the British A-class diesel-electric boat I served in during 1966-67. Those were the last years of Alderney's life, as she paid off for the last time after a couple of very enjoyable cruises. Bremerhaven, Faslane, Naples, Gibraltar, Malta...

It wasn't all calm seas and blue skies, as the photo demonstrates.

At times, nerves were on edge, and not just because of the sea state. One of my commanding officers once remarked that if things got nasty with the Soviets, we could expect to find ourselves "somewhere north of Cape Wrath," and he didn't expect we'd come back!

My feeling was he was being a bit pessimistic, given a couple of brushes with Soviet submarines when they apparently didn't know that one of Her Majesty's submersibles was in the area.

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Bob White said...

When I was in La Hulloise in 1962 we did exercises with Alderney. I recall days like the one in your photo.


Robert Mackay said...

Me too, serving in her in 1966-67. In one exercise, snorting--or trying to--in near hurricane weather.

Lamont said...

I am guessing that a lot more submersible details will keep us readers on the edges of our seats when your upcoming book is out.

Robert Mackay said...

I'm couinting on it!

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