Monday, July 21, 2014

War Horse meets Soldier of the Horse

The photo at left was taken by a helpful bystander earlier this year in the lobby of the Queen Elizabeth Theatre in Vancouver. Nattily attired with my submarine tie no less, I had just attended a performance of the stage play "War Horse". It was an emotional experience for me, given my father's time in the Canadian Cavalry Brigade.
My novel "Soldier of the Horse" based on the experiences of Sergeant Thomas Mackay of Lord Strathcona's Horse (Royal Canadians) was published a couple of years ago. On July 30th, just nine days from now, I will be attending a showing of the movie "War Horse" at the Vancouver Public Library at 1:30 pm.
Later that evening at 7:00 pm I'll be presenting in the Library, thanks to the good offices of the VPL and the Royal United Services Institute.
Here is the information from the VPL website:

"Robert W. Mackay, author of Soldier of the Horse, shares personal photos, memories and insights into the Canadian Cavalry Brigade of which his father was a member.
"War Horse", a movie about the British cavalry in the Great War, has many powerful images of horses and men in battle. A small but significant part of the British cavalry was the Canadian Calvary Brigade. Did the movie reflect reality?
Presented in partnership with The Royal United Services Institute - Vancouver in commemoration of Canada's First World War Centenary.
For more information please contact: Programming and Learning Services at at 604 331-3603"


Bob White said...


I'm impressed. Your dedication to this process seems unlimited. You missed your true calling. You should have been a history teacher. It takes one to know one!

georgia hunter said...

Hi Bob,
You have given two dates for your presentation and the movie War Horse. I think you will want to correct that and put a new announcement on FACEBOOK...

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