Monday, February 17, 2014

2014--The Year of the Submarine

photo courtesy RCN History & Heritage
There will be many functions relating to submarines in Canada this year. It was 100 years ago that the first Canadian boats appeared--purchased by none other than the premier of British Columbia, Sir Richard McBride. Celebratory events will take place in Victoria, Ottawa, Halifax and no doubt elsewhere.
I intend to be at the Victoria events, and also the AGM and conference scheduled by the Naval Association of Canada. The theme for the NAC event is "Submarines: Past, Present and Future". For more details, see the NAC site here.
The boat pictured here is HMCS Okanagan, in which I served in 1968-69. She was the last-commissioned of Canada's three O-boats, in service from the 1960's to the '90's.


Julie H. Ferguson said...

I'll see you at both events!

Robert Mackay said...

I hope to learn lots, especially about the "future" aspect of the submarine world. Should be fun, with lots of people I haven't seen for many a year.

Lamont said...

Do I hear hints of a futuristic submarine novel?

Robert Mackay said...

Hmmm. Don't know if I have the imagination for that.

Robert Mackay said...

Submarines--we need them, but the expense is considerable. Worth it, in my opinion.

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