Friday, February 7, 2014

Message from Moreuil

What follows is a google translate version of a recent email from M. Jean-Paul Brunel of Moreuil, Picardy, France. I have referred to J-P several times in the course of writing my blogs about the Canadian Cavalry Brigade in World war I. 
In his PS below, J-P refers to a ceremony he and his friends staged in 2008. Under his message is a photo taken at that time.

Mail to all my Canadian friends. English. Scots. French. Flaments the French they are very numerous and USA
  Here is the program of Ceremonies March 30, 2014, approximately one month of preparation and consultation, more than 40 emails and many phone
 Every year we innovate and our troops are reinforced and this year, a dozen horsemen and twenty extras (Ecossais.Canadiens and French)
 bivouac Wood Horn on the evening of March 29 with films and music and a large fires
 courageous and go to sleep in the tent. be revised for the centenary

      All this to pay tribute to valereux soldiers who sacrificed their lives to save France
   and especially to the families and Willougbhy Tankéré Schenato jp Brunel
   PS the 1st Commemoration took place March 30, 2008 in the presence of Bob and Pat Mackay Vancouver

  my faithful standard-bearer and the Somme Battlefield Pipe Band

J-P is  between me and the Highlander, the leader of the Somme Battlefield Pipe Band referred to in J-P's message.

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