Monday, October 20, 2014

Mary's Wedding coming via Peninsula Productions

Some time before my novel "Soldier of the Horse" was published, an old navy friend who knew about my interest in the Canadian cavalry asked if I had seen Mary's Wedding. I hadn't. But shortly after that I attended Pacific Opera Victoria's operatic adaptation of the play; also in attendance were scarlet-jacketed members of Lord Strathcona's Horse (Royal Canadians), adding pomp and ceremony to the occasion.

Now I've been asked to assist Peninsula Productions with their mounting of Stephen Massicotte's two-person play, to be staged November 11th to 15th. It promises to be a memorable show, with an amazingly-powerful script and two young actors playing Mary, her love Charlie, and Sergeant Flowerdew.


Lamont said...

Will there be pomp and ceremony at the White Rock production? Local legion with their poppies?

Robert Mackay said...

Hope so! the first performance will be immediately after the service at the White Rock cenotaph, and will be staged in the elementary school a short walk away.

Pat and Marcus said...

So can you give a plot synopsis? I've never heard of it.

Robert Mackay said...

The whole play takes place as Mary, a prairie girl, is dreaming on the night before her wedding in 1920. She dreams of Charlie, her boyfriend who went off to war with Lord Strathcona's Horse, under the wing of Sgt Flowerdew. There are only two actors, as "Mary" also plays the part of Flowerdew. The play is evocative of the tragedy of war, but also of the human spirit. And playwrite Massicotte did his homework. It is a dream but it feels authentic.

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