Wednesday, October 15, 2014

"Terror on the Alert" in Ottawa

My recent visit to Ottawa included a stop at Perfect Books, 258A Elgin Street, to do an author appearance and book signing event. The folks at Perfect were terrific hosts, and as you can see from the photo at left there was at least one very pleased customer. In fact, there were quite a few, including old friends and shipmates.

A lot of the credit for the very successful event must go to various news outlets such as CBC Ottawa, and in particular to Alan Neal (at right) of "All in a Day" and his producer Caitlin Crockard. They started off my interview with a clip from John F. Kennedy's speech to the American people at the height of the Cuban Missile Crisis--the time frame of "Terror on the Alert". Made me think back to where I was when I heard it live. (UBC, wondering if I'd be off to join the fleet.)

Other media interviews were ably conducted by Ed Hand ("Talk to the Hand") of 1130 News, and Nick Vandergagt ("Nick at Night") on CFRA.


The Cooking Ladies said...

A stop at The Cooking Ladies' test kitchen on the way to Ottawa was much appreciated. Write On Bob! Good job. ~Phyllis

Robert Mackay said...

And much appreciated by me! Great company, a shoreline view, and good food from the Test Kitchen.

Lamont said...

Your Ottawa interviews were very good. Alan Neal and Ed Hand really did their homework. And you always were a good story teller.

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