Monday, October 13, 2014

Submarines on Many Minds

Here is the scene in the National Arts Centre, Ottawa, on October 2nd.

More than 200 attendees at the Naval Association of Canada's conference themed "Canada's submarines: past, present and future" heard authoritative speakers and took part in discussions.

Topics ranged from history (1914's CC1 and 2) through to the state of today's Victoria-class boats.
The afternoon session focussed on the topic of eventual replacements given today's tight federal budgets, as well as the experience of the Australian submarine program.


Lamont said...

I would like to hear more about the future of our submarine service. Apparently we are not the only country struggling with military budgets. It was interesting to read in the Globe and Mail last week that Germany recently faced embarrassment over military readiness. The report said that only one of four German submarines is operational and fewer than half of their fighter jets are ready to fly.

Robert Mackay said...

You are absolutely right about countries struggling with military budgets. The ones who are not are those adjacent to or threatened by the Russians, the Chinese, North Koreans, etc. Even the US is cutting back on military purchases. But Poland, for example, is spending defense dollars; same for South Korea, Japan, Australia... I'll deal with the future of our submarine service at length in future.

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