Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Bloody Jack and the Soldier of the Horse

When loosely telling my dad's story of his time in the Canadian Cavalry Brigade, I could hardly leave out a version of how he ended up in a recruiting office and "volunteering". He was then an articled clerk, ie law student, in the offices of John Hagel, KC. Unfortunately for him, John's son Percy, a real rascal, was also working there as a lawyer. Percy was defending Bloody Jack Krafchenko, an accused bank robber and murderer, who convinced Percy to help him break out of jail. Jack did break out, and the subsequent hue and cry made a laughing-stock of the Winnipeg Police. For a contemporary account, and an amusing cartoon, click here.
More about this in a post later this week.

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Pat H said...

Perhaps you related it elsewhere, but what did your father end up doing after the war?

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