Tuesday, April 10, 2012

"War Horse" Images

The novel War Horse, followed by the play and movie of the same name, has sparked much interest in the activities of British and Commonwealth cavalries in World War I. Michael Morpurgo's novel had plenty of inspiration to draw on for its battle scenes, from early cavalry charges in 1914, through the desperate fighting at Moreuil Wood by the Canadian Cavalry Brigade, and the last 100 days of the war.
Popular images of cavalry charges, with well-organized lines of mounted men sweeping into battle, were reinforced by such paintings as "The Charge of Flowerdew's Squadron" by Sir Alfred Munnings. (For a look at that painting, see my website.) The reality was much different. Indeed, the cavalry continued to be decimated up to the final days, whenever machine guns and artillery were ready and waiting for them.

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