Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Galloper Jack and the Canadian Cavalry Brigade ( Part 2)

During the prewar years of the 20th century, Jack Seely's career soared to amazing heights. Although a Conservative, he crossed the floor of the house and sat as a Liberal. He ultimately achieved cabinet status as Under-Secretary of State for the Colonies, Under-Secretary of State for War, Privy Councillor, and in 1912 became Secretary of State for War.
Seely was most proud of his time in the latter position, encouraging the development of the Royal Flying Corps; inviting General Foch of the French army to attend British army manoeuvres; and observing German manoeuvres with the Kaiser. There is no doubt he anticipated World War I and did his best to prepare Britain's forces for it.
As a result of the Curragh Mutiny, for which he was unfairly blamed, Seely was forced to resign from the cabinet on March 30th, 1914. He little dreamt that precisely four years later he would face his hardest, and finest, hour.

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