Friday, April 13, 2012

Galloper Jack and the Canadian Cavalry Brigade (Part 1)

John Edward Bernard "Jack" Seely, later known as 1st Baron Mottistone, was a British soldier, politician and statesman whose destiny was tied to that of the Canadian Cavalry Brigade. His early years were like fiction straight out of the "Boy's Own" model: taking part in lifeboat rescues off the Isle of Wight; travelling the world; and being commissioned in the Hampshire Yeomanry.
As a cavalry officer, Seely saw service in South Africa, where he first encountered Canadian mounted troops. The next time was to be much more significant for both parties. While taking part in the Boer War, Seely was elected in absentia as MP for the Isle of Wight. In the meantime, a former schoolmate was also a rising star in the British firmament--a writer, soldier and statesman named Winston Churchill.
The groundwork was laid. Storm clouds on the international horizon were slowly gathering, and Seely would respond.

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