Friday, April 12, 2013

Battle of Vimy Ridge

I looked in vain for articles about the Battle of Vimy Ridge on the anniversary of its start date of April 9th in our Vancouver newspaper. Vimy, a major event in Canada's, never mind the Canadian Army's, history deserves better.
For a concise history of the battle, see the article on the War Museum's website by historian Dr Tim Cook, here.
An interesting article about General Currie, the former Victoria reservist, was written by Norman Leach and can be accessed here.
Writer Steve Mertl in the Daily Brew listed many local observations of Vimy Day, April 9th, here.
Bravo to those organizations and writers contributing to our collective memories.


Lamont said...

There was an excellent Vimy showing on the CBC National News.

Robert Mackay said...

Good to know. Sorry I missed it.

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