Tuesday, April 30, 2013

"Soldier of the Horse" and the McNally Robinson Experience

I have written a couple of times about travelling to Winnipeg with "Soldier of the Horse" ten days ago. The highlight of the trip for "Soldier" was a two-hour session at McNally Robinson's Grant Park location. We were set up to sign copies of the book adjacent to their checkout counter. They had a constant stream of customers, some of whom didn't mind chatting to an out-of-towner who wrote a novel about a young Winnipeg man and his Great War experiences.
In an especially rewarding moment a man appeared with a copy of "Soldier of the Horse" for me to sign. It had been a gift to him, and now he wanted another signed copy to give to a friend.
The McNally's staff were first rate, and over all I was very impressed with the store. McNally Robinson seems to be doing a lot right; it would be great if they could be cloned to even more Canadian cities!
Another highlight came a couple of days ago in the form of a  Bestseller list for the relevant week. Here is the portion of the list covering Paperback Fiction:
 1. 419,
Will Ferguson. Fiction. $20.00.
2. Born of Courage,
Walfried Jansen. Fiction. $14.95.
3. Indigena Awry,
Annharte. Poetry. $19.00.
4. Soldier Of The Horse,
Robert W. Mackay. Historical Fiction. $19.95.
5. Letter from Brooklyn,
Jacob Scheier. Poetry. $18.95.

 Soldier of the Horse, keeping pretty good company!


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