Sunday, April 7, 2013

"Soldier of the Horse" is Going Home

It took four years for Tom Macrae, alter ego of Sergeant Tom Mackay, of Lord Strathcona's Horse, to make it home to Winnipeg after enlisting and fighting his way through the trenches and cavalry charges of World War One.
The odyssey for Soldier of the Horse is two years shorter. This story of a Winnipeg boy will make the welcome trip soon: the countdown is on to my visit to Winnipeg to sign copies of Soldier of the Horse, two years after it was first published. Should be a fun day, at McNally Robinson, 2 pm  on Saturday April 20th. See the item in McNally's newsletter here.


Lamont said...

There will be a gathering of Mackays on hand to welcome Soldier in Winnipeg. Quite a few years since the hero of the story was there.

Robert Mackay said...

Too bad we are also marking the departure of another one.

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