Monday, April 15, 2013

Joys of Writing, Blogging, and Winnipeg

There are any number of blogs that feature the writer's 5 best tips for getting an agent, or 10 ways to impress an editor. Personally, I am using my blog to reach out to people interested in the Canadian cavalry, the Great War, submarines, and Canadian forces in general. Hence my title, "Forces With History".
This coming weekend will, I hope, add to the list of people who have contacted me about "Soldier of the Horse". As noted in a previous blog, I will be signing books at McNally Robinson in Winnipeg (see
Both my parents were from Manitoba, and I have always thought of Winnipeg as my second home, albeit seldom visited. Now I'll be taking "Soldier of the Horse" home, in a way, and hoping it gets a warm reception--to add to my list, and to fight off the frostbite!


Sincere Endeavour said...

Hi, Bob: What are the dates of your visit? I have a couple of well-read friends I would like to inform of your signings who live in Winnipeg. If they choose to go, that would be two more education-enriched readers, and possibly two more sales! Cheers for a warm reception in a chilly spot!

Robert Mackay said...

I was in Winnipeg from the 18th until the 21st, and had a very busy time signing books at McNally Robinson's, as well as attending at a couple of museums that relate to "Soldier of the Horse". Thanks for the comment! By the way, you were right about it being a "chilly spot". Even natives of Winnipeg are complaining this year.

Sincere Endeavour said...

I missed out on contacting my friends on time, but will try to watch where you are going next.
I have to miss the CAA meeting in May, due to the fact that Wednesdays (all 5 of them) that month is the night class of my first (prerequisite) course for the SFU Editing Certificate Program. EDIT110 ~ and so I hope Margo will post something about how it goes!
Best, S.B.

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