Monday, June 16, 2014

Marine Artist Marc Magee

A short time ago I happened across the website of Marc Magee, a maritime artist who lives in Trenton, Ontario. Marc has done some very evocative paintings of Canadian warships, including submarines, corvettes, and destroyers.

Here is one of his paintings, "HMCS Oakville."

Marc works in acrylics, taking as subjects not only naval vessels but historic steamships and others. He did the cover painting for Roger Litwiller's new book,  White Ensign Flying: Corvette HMCS Trentonian. Marc's website is

And speaking of books, I'm getting very excited as the launch date for my submarine thriller "Terror on the Alert" approaches. Watch for it in September, this "Year of the Submarine."


Roger Litwiller said...

Thank you for posting this, if you get to Ontario, I will take you for a visit. Seeing Marc's work in person is a memorable experience. Otherwise you can see the painting of HMCS ALBERNI that he donated to the ALBERNI Project in BC.

Bob White said...

Wow! Very graphic! I find the lighting very interesting.

Robert Mackay said...

Roger and Bob, thanks for the comments. I've been in touch with Marc and he is working on other naval subjects. Very exciting to hear. Roger, I'll do my best to take you up on your offer.

Lamont said...

I'll match Roger's offer with one from The Cooking Ladies...visit us and we'll toss in a visit to HMCS Ojibwa to check out all her latest developments.

marc magee said...

Hello Robert. My website has changed to

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