Monday, June 30, 2014

Halifax and Stadacona Part 1--North Gate

Time stood still for a short time for me a month ago during a trip to Halifax--first real visit for me since 1969. A major stop was what had once been HMCS Stadacona, now part of CFB Halifax.

In the photo at left is what was then a restricted access called North Gate, where I stood watch as guard officer, welcoming back sometimes-drunken (overserved, as we now say) matelots off leave. Fortunately, as a junior sublieutenant, I always had the assistance of very experienced petty officers and leading seamen.

Just in through the gate and around to the right is what is now a parking lot. One snowy November day in 1963, I was walking across the then open space, when a friend came toward me and told me John Kennedy had been assassinated. At once an already chilly day became very bleak.


Bob White said...

I remember North Gate and doing my duty as guard officer. The hours spent could be long and dull but as you suggest there were moments that were quite challenging. Remind me to tell you my story of the Mormon officer in Cape Scott who would not let me back on board late one evening. (I had offended him by making a rude comment about his choice of religion) I retreated to North Gate where things were sorted out.

Lamont said...

As you were walking across the open space just through the North Gate that moment in November, 1963, I was sitting down to write an English exam at North Surrey High. The exam was cancelled.

Robert Mackay said...

Lamont, I think a large % of people alive then remember where they were on that day.
Bob, sound like a great story. One day soon, for sure.

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