Saturday, June 21, 2014

"Sally" in The Crow's Nest, and Slackers

In my blog post of June 6th, I talked about The Crow's Nest, former watering hole for allied naval officers doing convoy duty out of St. John's, and now a private club that does a great job of honouring the traditions of the navy.

Here is another Crow's Nest photo: "Sally", high in a corner on a prominent wall. H83, HMCS St. Laurent, was for some time my brother Tom's ship during World War II. Sally is fighting off mustachioed Hitlers, and bespectacled Tojos, while looking good at the same time.

 Next on the recent itinerary to the east coast was the old stomping ground, HMCS Stadacona, now Canadian Forces Base Stadacona. And an open base at that. Back in the day, I remember cold winter nights on duty in the now-deserted guard room. More on Slackers coming up.


Lamont said...

This is fun stuff! Looking forward to more. There must be a story in a guard room on a cold winter night or is it classified?

Robert Mackay said...

No, just boring! Lots of sailors coming back after the bars closed. Anything tricky was handled by the duty petty officer, as I recall.

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