Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Springtime on the Rock

At the end of May we flew east to, among other things, do some research into wartime naval activity and to reconnect with former shipmates. Before flying east, we checked the weather. Chilly. In spite of that, a certain westcoast naivete took over. Luckily not all the clothing we took along was designed for a west coast spring.

To say it was chilly was a gross understatement. It was at times foggy, wet, and windy. But beautiful for all that.

Our cousin Marilyn runs a bed and breakfast in Salmon Cove, on the west coast of Conception Bay. Above left is the view from her front porch. At right is the reverse view showing her B&B high above the beach.

This is the view from the beach looking seaward.

And yes, here is objective evidence of the weather conditions, taken just around the corner from Salmon Cove. This is a "good" year for icebergs.

 Marilyn's B&B is called William's Rest. Great scenery, warm hospitality, and no doubt weather to match, except when spring is late!


Jean Kay said...

Wow! What a great spot for a B&B.

Lamont said...

at William's Rest everything is spectacular...the scenery, the lobster dinners, the breakfasts, and the hospitality.

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